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As a small business owner, you probably know that cashflow is essential. Not only do cash shortages stifle sales growth, but they can also impede efficient operations and jeopardize banking relationships. At The Small Business Advisory Group, we help companies create efficient accounting systems that provide them with the necessary gauges to monitor business performance.

If your business has a cashflow problem, it’s important that you take steps to correct it. Doing this means reporting cash accurately, checking pricing models, and monitoring profitability. Additionally, we help businesses obtain additional capital by securing financing and loans through our network of secondary business loan providers and investors.

Business Turnaround Services

At The Small Business Advisory Group, we tailor our services and fees to meet your business’ needs. Our goal is to help you achieve all of yours, without going further into debt.

When you contact us for business turnaround services, we will work with you one on one to develop a detailed, prioritized plan of action. Along with helping you put the plan into effect, we measure and track results, so you can see what you’re getting for your money. On behalf of our client, we will negotiate with banks and vendors, initiate collections activity, and oversee all aspects of organizational change needed to turn the business around. It is our promise that we won’t leave your side until the business has recovered.

Financial Restructuring

At The Small Business Advisory Group, we assess your current methods for managing cash and calculating prices to identify potential problems. After we’ve evaluated your current system, we work with you to restructure your accounting methods to ensure the information provided is meaningful and understandable. Our goal is to help you build equity and accumulate more cash.


Many small businesses require financing to meet their goals. To minimize the stress, we assist you in applying and qualifying for small business loans. We know how to interpret your books and arrange them in a format that will put you in the most favorable position to obtain financing. We also boast strong contacts with many local and alternative lending institutions, so we can help you secure the best loans at the rates you deserve.

Accounting Systems

At the Small Business Advisory Group, we understand what your accounting software needs to do to meet your goals. To that end, we help you set up a meaningful chart of accounts, establish simple accounting and data entry procedures, and teach your staff how to use and maintain software.

Cash Management and Reporting

Cash shortages stifle sales growth, impede efficient operations, and jeopardize business relationships. We help companies replace checkbook accounting with a detailed cash management plan that balances your cash out with your receivables and provides you with a forward-looking business forecast.