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Trusted Business Consulting Services in Hampton Falls, NH

A broad term, 'operations' refers to the ways in which a business turns sales into profits. Inefficient operations can drain a company’s cash and cause it to lose profits. The Small Business Advisory Group is passionate about helping organizations gain efficiency m
Based in Hampton Falls, we help small businesses throughout the Northeast and beyond. From developing proper organizational structures to the improvement of workflow, processes, and practices, we do it all.

Organizational Design

Effective management starts with creating a well-defined structure that properly allocates management responsibility. When you work with The Small Business Advisory Group, we will review the existing corporate governance structure, identify any issues, and develop a plan for correcting them. We assist your company in developing an organizational structure that clearly defines responsibilities and establishes a responsive chain of command.

Process Improvement

In order to improve your systems and processes, we will examine the current system and work with your employees to identify bottlenecks. Our goal is to optimize your system to immediately and continually achieve increased profitability.

Manufacturing Resource Planning

Manufacturing resource planning is vital for reducing expenses and increasing output. With that in mind, we work with you to design new systems based on key performance metrics. We work to maximize capacity with proper manpower, planning, and utilization, and minimize downtime with simple scheduling systems.

Systems Integration and Training

To improve your system, we need to ensure that parts are appropriately integrated and that employees are effectively trained. After identifying critical parts of the system, we establish metrics, such as billable hours, income per square foot, and inventory turns. By comparing the actual performance to the metrics, we can identify employee-training needs, design new processes, and eliminate inefficient ones.

Operations Management

For a company to be successful, it needs to deliver a unified, consistent message from the top down. The Small Business Advisory Group works with owners to ensure company leadership demonstrates strong communication, accountability, and consistency (CAC). Not only will we train managers to establish and communicate goals and define job descriptions for subordinates, but we will also institute the metrics needed to measure compliance and establish accountability.
We will teach your management team how to bring your employees' performance up to the standard instead of lowering the standard to meet performance.