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Client Testimonials

In business since 2011, The Small Business Advisory Group is proud to share testimonials from our satisfied customers. Here are some of the many glowing testimonials we’ve received:

"Mr. Dittami, I would like to take the time to thank you for the work that your team has provided my company. The processes and procures you have put together for my business can only lead to great success. Mr. D has taught me better ways to manage the business and its people. We were able to put a management system in place, improved cash flow, and put in place a better accounting system and data tracking plans. We changed the layout of the products we carry, received help from some of the vendors and made a more profitable floor layout. With all of the value practices and plans that were put in place, we have gone from a business that was just breaking even to a business that will have a profitable and bright future." -Edelman's Variety Store

"The Small Business Advisory Group came into my life at a time I needed help. I now have a firm grip on understanding my business and how to move forward. They opened my eyes to what I was capable of doing, and made me think about my goals and helped me visualize where I want to go. Bill M. put was able to identify the problem areas and come up with a scope for the project and Alex D. guided me through this whole process. I now understand how my business works and what I have to do from now on to make my business even more profitable. Kaye was great. After spending time with her, I have the confidence I need to complete the work I need to do to keep my business moving forward. Bill was able to sum up what I needed done and Alex is a great teacher. They explained everything in terms that I can understand. What was in the beginning an overwhelming jumble of numbers, now makes sense. I am excited about my business for the first time and I would not have gotten here without Karen, Bill, and Alex." -Tracey C. (Capeland Yard & Mulch Inc.)

"We have had the pleasure of working with Alex Dittami of The Small Business Advisory Group. Alex has helped bring our focus back to the basics of running a successful business. We have now have a cash reserve an Operating Line of Credit and the right people in the right jobs coupled with having the right processes in place. We experienced a total failure of our ability to handle our financial obligations. The Small Business Advisory Group helped us get through it with minimal pain." -Katherine Meyer, Owner (About Fence & Yard Co.)

"I have had a very positive experience with each and every person I have met from The Small Business Advisory Group. From Dale to Laura and Alex, all have been professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with. Alex has been just outstanding in his vision and ability to think outside the box and offer extremely helpful suggestions. He is a great asset. What I Learned could fill two or three pages. In summary, I learned the steps necessary to be more in control of mu business rather than my business controlling me. I can tell you now that the peace of mind I have gained with my new knowledge is awfully valuable." -Susan Schwarz, President & Owner (NH Jewelers, Inc.)

"We have been involved in a project with The Small Business Advisory Group and it has been a pleasure to work with you, Alex. Your level of professionalism and knowledge of small business systems and management tools and your ability to evaluate personal in such a short time period is very impressive. We are going to implement his suggestions and are knowing that the results will allow us to meet our goals. Very Truly Yours, Harry David." -Harry David, Owner (Specialized Machine & Roller Mfg. Co)

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Small Business Advisory Group and those involved in our project for their assistance in helping our Company. Specifically, those individuals are Debby, Randal, Joyce, and most especially Alex. As a group they were very well versed and had a good understanding of where we were at as a company. The information they shared was right on. Our company has been around for 30 years and although we have done some things right to be around for that amount of time, our lack of organization and the way we did things was clearly a serious problem, so much so that if it didn't change and quickly, we faced shutting our doors. Alex immediately identified immediately what those changes needed to be and TAUGHT us how to initiate them in our business. His ideas, knowledge and own personal experiences of owning his own businesses, were all extremely useful to us. We needed to hear the things he was telling us and we needed to make the changes. He was able to make his points in a way that we could understand without offense. The changes that have taken place are impressive. I am hopeful that we will be able to move forward from here using his knowledge and help as a foundation for future success. I look forward to seeing the fruits of our labors as we look to the future of our business and realize the goals we have set with his help. Thank you to all that have been involved thus far. My sincerest gratitude to you." -Lea McPherson, President (Z Trailer & Machine Shop)

"Mr. Dittami - I would like to express my gratitude and pleasure with the training that was provided to us by The Small Business Advisory Group. Your knowledge and training methods worked well for both my son and nephew plus myself. We knew that our methods in running our business were somewhat out of date as I never was trained in office procedures or in running a business. Iknew that there were many things that could be improved, but never expected that I knew so little in operating a small business. You have held our hand and guided us to a new future where we can be a more profitable company. Hiring The Small Business Advisory Group to consult our business was a good move." -American Carbides Grinding & Fabrication Inc.

"Mr. Dittami - For a small organization like Capital Converting, it has been an extraordinary experience to have had the opportunity to have you working with our Company. Right from the beginning you were able to solicit the participation of senior management, by setting attainable goals and by convincing everyone about the positive impact your recommendations will have on the future of our company. You have exhibited an in depth understanding of every detail of our operation, by asking the right questions and by utilizing his years of experience in manufacturing. Most especially thank you for taking on a leading roll in the successful resolution of the technical challenge we had faced in dealing with the US Navy. Your positive input has resulted in the reinstatement of an order, which had been on hold since October of 2015 and secured the potential of additional orders to be issued in the immediate future. The implementation of your recommendations and programs have been overwhelming at times, due to the number of issues addressed and the limited time and resources available, but we are convinced that its implementation and adherence to it will have a positive impact on the future of our company." -Hans Brinkmann, President (Capital Converting Co.)

"All of the information and advice I was presented was priceless. It will help me realize my goals sooner. Alex worked hard every day, it was like had just bought the Company!" -Danny C. (Site Scapes Contracting)

 "As a result of their work, I have seen a drop in a number of overtime hours used we have implemented a bonus incentive program that resulted in an immediate 5% increase in production output and we have identified and recaptured over $60,000 in retainage. I am very pleased with the lessons that we learned from The Small Business Advisory Group." -Mark Dage, Vice President (Fireproof Contracting Company)

"We found that our internal labor costs were not accurate. With the help of the Small Business Advisory Group, we correctly calculated the proper labor costs established a pricing model that included a predetermined profit. These changes produced an immediate and positive impact on our profitability. …I have been in business many years. Now that I have gotten involved in your program, I feel that we should have been involved in such a program a long time ago. Very good job, for which I am thankful for." -Robert Deming President (Buckeye Tank & Trailer, Inc.)

"When the Small Business Advisory Group came to us we were very close to giving up and closing the company. It was June, we already we already had a $50,000 loss and our bookkeeping was terrible due to having many different Accountants telling us to do many different things. Always for their benefit and never for ours. During the first week Alex and Juan gave us hope, excitement and understanding. They got right down to the bare essentials with us. There are so many things we have learned and understand now because of them. … We can now make good decisions based on all on accurate and complete t financial and operational information. I am very excited to report that as of today, the company no longer has a $50,000 loss but an 115,000 gain due to the efforts and training of the Small Business Advisory Group." -Keith Shelton, President, TK Trucking Company

"Working with Alex has been great. He's very knowledgeable. What he has shown us has been an extremely eye opening experience. I've known things needed to be done and done in certain ways, however I did not know how to implement them correctly. The Small Business Advisory Group did! The knowledge and training we received will help in years to come. Thank you." -Owner, DB Oil Company

"Our time with The Small Business Advisory Group has been an eye-opening experience, A/ex is an amazing person to work with… We now know how to control, monitor, and predict what our business is doing… This experience has and will make our business more profitable." -Dan and Amelia Beacham (R&L Towing LLC)

"What an experience it has been! It has certainly has tested our team’s organizational skills, teamwork and stamina. Alex has been a focused and diligent teacher during this process. Alex’s calm, quiet, and professional demeanor kept us on track many days when our office was absolute chaos. He was diligent in designing accurate tools that we will use forever to build and maintain our company. We are now very much looking forward to the future of our company!" -C. L. Williams, President (BRW Bus Company, Inc.)

"We would just like our gratitude to your company for the assistance we have received this week from Alex and Andrew. Alex and I worked on our QuickBooks and got it functioning in a way that is more efficient and much more accurate. He knows his stuff." -Ben B., Owner (Show Car Automotive)

"Dear Mr. Dittami - I would like to take this opportunity to say that we have been extremely impressed and pleased with Al. He is a very hard worker and is always prepared prior to his arrival. His expertise in his field and the implementation of his knowledge continues to. allow us to envision the future growth of IDS." -Gerard & Brenda Shield & Staff (IDS Office Systems, Inc.)

"Mr. Dittami, Al has taught me to open my eyes and to embrace that which I thought was my enemy. He has taught us to see ourselves with discerning eyes. Not only are we in the midst of creating a fabulous WEB site but he also got us into "Constant Contact" and Facebook. Our first foray into these has brought us praise and congratulations from our customers and the announcement of our future WEB site has created positive anticipation. He listened to us and massaged our words into intelligent statements. His sharing his background experiences has helped me gain insights into how to create an incentive program (which makes full sense) and even laid it out for me. I no longer think of Marketing ourselves as a "dirty” word. This whole process has taught me not only the necessity of knowing where I am, but what to do to move my company forward, even in these difficult times. We are creating realistic estimates and managing our costs to those estimates and looking at the data to see how we did. Perhaps I could have continued for a short time, but now the goal is no longer survival, but growth. It is your whole team which has given me the tools to look into the future. All of the members of this team have been positive, courteous, knowledgeable and dedicated to my success." -Elie freeman, Owner (AC Embroidery Company)

"Dear Mr. Dittami - All of us here at Mid-State are extremely appreciative for the courage, integrity, impact and business acumen you have brought our company. You are by far one of the most remarkable individuals I have ever encountered. Throughout the years I have spent countless hours, days, weeks and even years, using other consultants to try and bring Mid – State to a safe, and profitable company, but to no avail. In my opinion, you have turned Mid -State into the best sign company in the area. The use of SOP's (standard operating procedures) and your easy to follow advice has given Mid – State the foundation it has desperately needed." -Jaysen Shlamb, President (Mid-State Sign & Graphics Mfg. Co.)