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Starting Out

Launching a new business is an exciting experience. You are becoming an Entrepreneur - a Small Business Owner. You are branching out on your own to pursue a dream about which you are truly passionate. You are boldly going were you have never gone before! You are also venturing into a frontier filled with traps and predators that will steal your cash and spoil your dreams.

At The Small Business Advisory Group, we specialize in helping individuals fulfill their dreams. We will help qualify the value of the business opportunity you are starting, assist you in creating the initial financial structure and accounting systems needed to support it and help guide you through the financial frontiers of small business ownership.

As you start a new business, do not go it alone! Get advice from the small business experts at the Small Business Advisory Group. Our Small Business Advisors will help qualify business opportunities, conduct due diligence examinations, define potential markets, evaluate income potential, and calculate return on investment. To ensure your successful startup we will guide you through the process of starting a small business.

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