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About US - Advisory Services - The Small Business Advisory Group


About Us

The Small Business Advisory Group is a consulting company in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. We are dedicated to helping small businesses achieve their vision and success. With over 30 years of expertise and direct experience as owners of and consultants for small businesses, our team of advisors know what it takes to get a small business off the ground and soaring high.

Small business owners are faced with many unique and unexpected challenges. They are constantly required to react quickly and make swift decisions. In our experience, these are the questions that keep small business owners up at night:

  • Should I hire more employees?
  • Should I become more active on social media?
  • How do I manage cash flow?
  • Should I apply for additional funding?
  • How do I increase profits?
  • Why can’t I make any money?
  • And plenty more where that comes from …

The problems and challenges never seem to end and fighting it out alone is no easy task. Hiring experienced and skilled recruits is simply too expensive and we know the recruitment scene isn’t too kind to small businesses. That’s where we come in. As consultants, we join your battle and give you the guidance needed to achieve results!

What we can do for you

Let the numbers speak for themselves. Every year we help over 30 small business owners reach their dream of having
a healthy, profitable, fun and sustainable business. Here are some of our more recent successes:

Client: Multiple location Franchise Company


Increase in manufacturing efficiency


Reduction in Raw Material Cost


Increase in Profitability

  • Worked extensively in bringing all locations into corporate compliance.
  • Consolidated vendor contracts to reduce cost.
Client: Plastics Contract Manufacturing

ISO 9000

Quality Assurance Program Established


Obtained over in Financing


Increase in Profitability within 4 years

  • Designed and organized a team based sales & manufacturing organization.
  • The financing obtained helped acquire and build a new office and warehouse facilities.
Client: Specialty Lumber Company


Net profitability level returned to the Company

  • Executed a complete turnaround and orchestrated Corporate Restructuring for the bankrupt company.
  • Our advisors redefined supply contracts and redirected the sales effort of the Company.
Client: Retail Convenience Store


Increase in the “Revenue per Payroll Dollar”


Increase in retail sales profitability

  • Established and internally funded an equipment replacement program.
  • Created an Occupational Health & Safety System Training and Certification Program.
  • Created an Occupational Health & Safety System Training and Certification Program.
  • Reorganized the service organization to achieve the increase in “Revenue per Payroll Dollar”.


Alexander L. Dittami

A focused, innovative, Small Business Executive & Teacher with over 30 years of small
business ownership and consulting experience.

An expert in Small Business:

  • Management & Operations
  • Business Finance
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Organizational Development
  • Land Use planning & Development and Municipal Election laws

Alexander has an exceptional talent for assisting enterprises in simplifying complex problems and creating sound economic solutions. He identifies the technology and strategies which need reassessment and does whatever it takes to optimize your operations and lead you to success.

A Bit more on Alex:

With the Small Business Advisory Group, Alex hoped to help small business owners fulfill their dreams for their business. He related to the courage, perseverance, sacrifice and the unique character and skill set that is required to start and own a small business and wanted to help. This paved way for the company that is reaching out to hundreds of small businesses and helping them achieve their dreams.

In addition to all that he has achieved with The Small Business Advisory Group, here are some of his professional achievements:

  • Developed the manufacturing process for the McDonald’s Hamburg container
  • Created a roll stock inventory and rail demurrage system for Allied Container Corporation
  • Received manufacturing training from General Motors
  • A member of the Franchise Council for Sign-A-Rama
  • Has started, developed and sold over one dozen small business enterprises and has acted as an advisor, mentor and consultant to hundreds of others.
  • Former Army Officer
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment Member and Chair Person
  • Town and School Board moderator.

We Know What It Takes

The Small Business Advisory Group knows what it takes to run a business. We’ve been there!

We can help a business owner prepare for the unexpected by organizing your business to manage cash, maximize profits and identify and acquire the funding needed to sustain operations. We have the expertise and experience needed to analyze your unique situation, and create the solutions you need. We work hard to help you:

  • Retain cash
  • Gain more sales
  • Be more organized
  • Make more profits
  • Start enjoying your business once again.
what it make

We work and stay with you to achieve sustainable results that go straight to the bottom line. Call us and find out what we can do for you.