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Ask Alex – Thoughts on Work, Life, Family - TheSmallBusiness

Ask Alex – Thoughts on Work, Life, Family

Ask Alex why he does what he does, and you can literally sense a surge of energy in the room. His enthusiasm is palpable as he talks about his passion and his commitment to Small Business Owners. “I know what it is to be a small business owner and feel the many worries and challenges that come with it. That’s why I give them my all. What they get from me is a resolution to the issues that keep them up at night. A path way to identify and resolve both current and future issues. A way to balance their own aspirations with the demands of their business, the constraints of time and money and the requirements of family.”

This passion is what drives Alexander Dittami, the founder of The Small Business Advisory Group. Alex, as he likes to be called, has lived a full life packed with rich experiences.  He enlisted for military service when he was 18 and became a Combat Line Officer at the age of 20. Working as a manager for Union Camp, he developed a system wide inventory and logistics program for their corrugated plants. At Sweetheart Plastics, he helped develop the production process for the recyclable McDonald’s Hamburg Container. As a small business lawyer & real estate developer he permitted, built and sold well over $50,000,000 in properties and created a number of economically sound and innovative solutions for several large international Companies. As the owner of a textile company he created and supplied fabric to companies such as Victoria Secret, Maiden Form, Sarah Lee and Playtex. Most importantly, during all of this, he and his wife built a beautiful family – these are the things that make Alex who he is, and these are the things that make him such a great consultant. He pours his discipline, his skill, his experience, and his concern into each of the small businesses that work with him.

Why Small Businesses?

It’s not the business. It’s the people,” he says. “Small Business Owners are a different breed. I empathize with and understand their dreams.  I’ve been there. My wife and I started with an old oak school desk and a record holder for a file cabinet. From there we built a $5,000,000 manufacturing company with three locations and over 50 employees. As others have helped me, I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping others achieve their dreams and aspirations. It does not what matter what their economic level of activity is its their independent spirit that counts.”

Watch him as he sits down with small business owners helping them resolve their most problematic issues and you’ll agree – he really gets it. He understands that small business owners face many unique and unexpected challenges that often keep them awake at night, and he wants them to succeed. This desire is at the heart of his brand. If you see this sign anywhere, you know it’s got to be Alex:

Contact the Small Business Advisory Group for a Complimentary Coffee Stop to Discuss Your Business

His work speaks for itself as he helps more than 30 small businesses achieve success every year. “He is as devoted to a small mom and pop shop as he is to a multi-million-dollar company,” says an associate. “He wants to see people succeed. He’s also been a really good mentor to me. He is particular in what he wants and provides the right direction to help me get it right.”

Work before Family?

A true family man, Alex is committed to helping Small Business Owners achieve a good work-life balance. His team are firm believers in this too. “We understand how a small business affects your life, family and finances,”. His message to clients. “Don’t let the business interfere with your family life!  No business is worth your family and health. Learn to work smart as well as hard.” We’ve been through it, made the mistakes and learned how to avoid and correct them. With our help, you balance and plan your business so you can balance and plan your life. As the owner you have to realize that that pile of papers on your desk will still be there in the morning. Your family may not.”

Ask him what his biggest achievement is and he says: “Two wonderful boys and three spectacular grandchildren.” His priority? “To spend as much time with my wife as I possibly can.”  He also cares deeply about military members and their families and the local government, pitching in where he can help. He’ never missed a graduation and has attended almost every game and event that his kids were involved with, and yet, he still found the time to build several successful businesses and has never once failed on his 2:1 ROI guarantee to clients.

Now that’s a work-life balance worth achieving! The good news is that he’s eager to help you achieve it too. You know what you have to do. Give him a call now.

Contact the Small Business Advisory Group for a Complimentary Coffee Stop to Discuss Your Business

Contact the Small Business Advisory Group for a Complimentary Coffee Stop to Discuss Your Business


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