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Buying Selling Your Business - The Small Business Advisory Group
Buying and Selling Businesses

How Do I Get Ready to Buy or Sell a Business?

Should I Merge with Another Company?

As your business grows and evolves, it is important to make decisions that will decide the future of your company. You will have to carefully weigh out the pros and cons, decide if your move is worth it, get the right valuation, and have a firm grasp on the process of buying and selling.

The Small Business Advisory Group has many years of experience helping clients with acquisitions, mergers and selling their business. Our experts give you a comprehensive view of everything that is involved and help you make the right decisions.

Merge with Another Company

We Help You Address These Questions and More

  • We Help You Address These Questions and More Should I Buy Another Business?

We help you analyze your business and evaluate if buying a business would be the right move from a financial and strategic point of view.

  • How Much Should I Pay To Buy a Business?

Getting under the upfront asking price and understanding the actual health and value of the business is key in a successful acquisition and we ensure that.

  • What Is My Business Worth?

Calculating your actual business worth includes much more than a listing of your assets, and we help find what you are worth to a buyer.

  • Should I Merge with Another Company?

We help you evaluate the intricacies of merging with another company in a way that adds value to your business.

  • How Do I Structure a Buyout?

Our experts guide you through the nuances of a successful buyout and help you cover your bases to ensure that it is a favorable move on all counts.

Benefit from Our Expertise in Buying and Selling Businesses

The Small Business Advisory group works with small businesses in Hampton Falls in successfully executing mergers, acquisitions, buyouts and in selling thier business profitably.

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Solid Research Backed Advice

Buying an existing business could be a great strategic move. It helps you break into new territories, add tested products and services to your listing and expand your team with qualified and trained professionals. As tempting as all of this may seem, a lack of proper planning and evaluation could prove to be a costly mistake that your business may never recover from. We do the legwork for you and give you solid research backed advice to ensure this doesn’t happen at any cost.

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Identifying Real Business Value

Calculating the true worth of a business involves digging deep into the company’s resources. Evaluating the connections and expertise of the owner, identifying talent and loyalty of employees, being aware of liabilities in terms of reputation and financials that have accrued over time, and many more intricacies have to be carefully examined before considering buying or selling. Our experts and analysts go through the details with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

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Structuring and Financing Acquisitions

Calculating the costs of an acquisition or a buyout is a study in itself. Lawyers to handle the transaction, accountants to enable the consolidation, location planning and many more expenses could ruin you if things aren’t planned out carefully. We help you plan it out successfully and tap into seller financing, angel investments, loans and other viable sources of funding so the move goes through without any hiccups.

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Ensuring a Smooth Transition

A buyout, acquisition, merger or sale is disruptive and can mean major upheavals for the business in every sphere. Employees, resources, clients and customers, vendors, systems and processes – all of them need to be transitioned smoothly if the move is to be successful. We stay with you throughout the process and coordinate all areas of your business to ensure minimal disruption. Our experts and advisors have handled all of this for scores of small businesses and will guide you through it all.

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Selling your Business Profitably

To get what your business is worth requires much more than offering it up for sale. If you are to make any profits at all, you need to position the sale perfectly right. Many factors including the reason for the sale, the strength of the business’s operation, it’s corporate governance structure, brand visibility and loyalty, and others need to be considered and worked upon. Presenting your business as a lucrative investment, getting the right price for it and handling the details of the sale perfectly is a specialty we pride ourselves in.

Buying a business or selling yours is no walk in the park and we understand the enormity of the task. We care about your business and work hard at making this important move lucrative and stress free. If buying or selling is on your mind, don’t mull over it alone. We’re here for you to sound it out and get the right advice. The first consult is on us so let’s grab a coffee and talk!
Our Transformational Process

Download the pdf to see how our unique transformation process can bring in results for your small business!