Capital and Profitability

Why Am I Constantly Running Out of Cash?

Where Can I Get More Capital?

Questions sound familiar? As a small business owner, you have likely put in sweat, blood and tears in your business. Sometimes though, unforeseen developments could threaten to wipe out your hard work. Profits seem non-existent, the business is running into debt, you need more capital and nothing you do seems to be getting you on the right side of the ledger. Things might be difficult but do not hit the panic button just yet!

Having been business consultants for many small businesses over the years, we can assure you that the most critical situations can be turned around. Allow us to guide you through it. Breathe easy while we do most of the heavy lifting, meet with your bankers and creditors, and guide you towards profitability.

Capital and Profitability

If These Qs Are On Your Mind, We Know
Just How to Fix It

Why Am I Constantly Running Out of Cash?

Calming down your creditors by stabilizing your cash flow will be priority so you can concentrate on power charging your core functions.

Where Has All My Money Gone?

We get to the root of your business problems so we can weed it out and start turning your business around to show the profits you want.

How Do I Get My Business to Show a Profit?

We develop actionable solutions and concrete plans that are geared towards detecting and resolving weaknesses in your business.

Where Do I Start on A Turnaround Plan?

We help you execute a smooth turnaround process through the disruption that a critical situation could bring, we simplify it for you.

How Do I Get More Capital?

Through a clear plan, we help you determine exactly how much capital you need and tap into the right resources to acquire and manage it right.

Get Back on Your Feet
with Our Help

We are experts in implementing the best methods to ensure acquisition and proper management of capital. We smoothen out issues and lead you towards profitability in the following ways:

Sound Strategy Development

Experts at the Small Business Advisory group strive to get a complete understanding of your business and its processes so we can understand your strengths and weakness. Accordingly, the strategies we develop are aimed at weeding out any problems that threaten the growth of your company.

Execution of the turnaround process

If a turnaround is what your business needs, we work with you and your team to plan out and implement proposed strategies in the most effective way. We guide you through the process and stand by you. Here are some things we do to help you out:

  • Financial modelling
  • Negotiations with interested parties
  • Contingency planning
  • Bankruptcy related services
Crisis Management

For clients in crisis, the team develops liquidity forecasts, improves cash flow management, executes debt restructuring, obtains additional financing, negotiates loan covenant waivers and whatever else it takes to avert the crises and get your business in order.

Capital Acquisition Plan

Even if it feels impossible to nail down the capital you need to keep your business running and achieve your vision, we can assure you that it is possible. We help you identify how much capital you need, where you should use it, and how we can tap into resources to raise it.

Efficient Cash Management & Reporting

We help you make sense of all those numbers and plan out your cash management effectively. Cash flow budgeting, costs analyses, profit forecasting – leave it all to us and concentrate on your core business.

Time-tested methodologies

Each business is unique and its problems are to be handled in its own unique way. But it takes great experience and seasoned expertise to find a method in all the chaos that sometimes hits a small business. We have developed those methods and toolkits from handling critical situations through many years of business with our clients. This is why we know exactly what to do and are able to guide you through it.

Leave Your Capital and
Profitability Woes to Us

Where Can I Get More Capital?

Let us do the worrying for you. Experts at the Small Business have handled all the nitty gritty for small businesses for decades now and will take care of all your Capital and Profitability needs. This is what we do:

  • Business Turnaround Services
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Capital Acquisition
  • Accounting Systems
  • Cash Management & Reporting
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Our Transformational Process

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