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Government Contracting - The Small Business Advisory Group
Government Contracting

How Can I Find and Secure Government Contracts?

How Do I Qualify for Government Contracts as A Small Business?

Bagging a government contract could be a definite game changer for your business. You know your business is ready to sell to the government but how do you get the government to buy from you? With thousands of small businesses vying for the attention of government buyers, it is no small feat to get your name on top of the list. Then there is all that red tape and myriads of processes and procedures to navigate! It could get overwhelming but relax, we help you make sense of it all.

Experts at the Small Business Advisory Group have helped many a small business bag those much-coveted contracts and successfully do business with the government. We know what it takes to convince a government buyer to see your worth as a viable business partner. Getting you there and seeing you through the nuances of doing business with the government is our job and we do it well!

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We Simplify Government Contracting for You

  • How Do Government Contracts Work?

We give you the lowdown of all the details, paperwork, compliances and procedures that are involved and guide you through them.

  • How Can I Secure a Contract with A Prime Buyer?

Gaining the attention of a prime buyer and securing a contract could get tricky but we know how to get it done!

  • What Are Government Contracting Requirements?

We help you understand and meet the exacting requirements necessary to qualify and obtain a government contract.

  • Do I Qualify for Small Business Set-Asides?

Qualifying for contracts reserved for set-asides is an opportunity we help you explore and make the best use of to get you ahead in the game.

  • How Do I Write a Winning Proposal?

What to say and how to say it is what our experts excel at, and they will help you present yourself and your credentials in the best possible light.

Government Contracts

Expert Advice from Our Government Contracting Consultants

The Small Business Advisory group works with small businesses in Hampton Falls helping them secure and maintain lucrative government contracts.

Procuring a Government Contract

Our experts have many years of experience in all areas of the procurement process. Right from identifying the best contracts to bid on, understanding the buyer and obtaining the contract, down to maintaining it and executing it in the best way, our team will see you through it all.

Making the Best Use of Opportunities

Bagging a government contract as a small business amidst big players would only be a dream if it wasn’t for set-asides. At least 23% of all federal government contracting dollars is to be awarded to small businesses and set-aside categories such as Women Owned Small Business, Small Disadvantaged Business, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, HUBZone have been established for their benefit. Identifying where your business can be placed and gaining the best advantage of these benefits requires know-how and expertise that our consultants make available for you.

Help with Contract Compliance

A minor negligence in compliance could put your contract at risk and we definitely do not want that. Our experts help assess your contracting practices and weed out any deficiencies. We take you through all the Policies and Procedures, Control Testing, Price Reduction Monitoring, IFF Reporting and Withholding Requirements and other high-risk compliance areas to ensure you are on top of everything.

Comprehensive Contract Acquisition Process

Preparing a winning bid involves a range of skills that are brought to the table by our consultants who are experienced in different areas of the process. Beginning with a thorough review of Commercial Sales Practices, pricing analysis, buyer research and study of competition, we take you through the development of a pricing strategy, preparation of the proposal and submission of the offer. We don’t leave you there but stay with you clarifying anything the buyer needs and right through the negotiations as well. With our range of services, we ensure you execute the contract and become the vendor of choice to prime buyers.

We get you where you want to be and if government contracting is the way to do it, you can be sure we will help you excel in it. Reach out to us and let’s talk over a free initial consult.
Our Transformational Process

Download the pdf to see how our unique transformation process can bring in results for your small business!