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Planning & Organizing Your Business - The Small Business Advisory Group
The Business Is Consuming Me –
How Can I Get More Time Off?

Why Aren’t We Able to Show Results Despite Putting in the Hours?

As a small business owner with big dreams for your business, you are willing to do anything for your business to succeed. Burning the midnight oil, missing out on family time, skipping lunches – this is the drill if you need to get to the top, right? When do you get time for yourself though? How long will it take to achieve that work-life balance?

We are here to tell you that you don’t have to let the business consume you. Efficient Planning and Organizing can save you a world of pain and that is where we come in. The Small Business Advisory Group helps you review your existing structure, identify gaps and develop a plan to rectify them. We work with your existing employees, identify bottlenecks and optimize your system to increase profitability. Leave it to us and relax – go catch that game you sorely miss!


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How Can I Improve
My Processes?

After a careful assessment of loopholes in your existing systems and processes, we work on process improvement that guarantees profitability.

Talent Management experts
How Do I Get the Right
Employees for My Business?

Our Talent Management experts help you create the right mix of talent at the right place as we assess your human resource requirements and develop processes to make your organization talent worthy.

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How do I hold my people

We help you devise precise metrics and compliance standards for employees and leadership, which ensures accountability and consistency through clear communication from top to bottom.

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business need
Does my business need

We identify bottlenecks, redundancies, and processes that no longer seem to be working and help you decide if you need a complete restructure or not.

Manufacturing Resources
How Can I Use My
Manufacturing Resources

Our experts help you deliver the right output judiciously and determine your manufacturing company’s worth through thorough planning and maximum optimization.

We Take Care of The Nitty Gritty So You Can Focus on Your Core Business

The Small Business Advisory Group works with small businesses to devise a strong business plan in all areas so you can have a robust, organized, and efficient structure for your business in Hampton Falls.

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Process Improvement for Your Small Business

Our dynamic team of business experts will work with you and the management team as well as with functional experts to design realistic, common sense solutions to the company’s problems. Through our comprehensive business assessment process, we identify problems and pitfalls in a business model and make suggestions for process improvements. The goal is high growth and profitability and we get you there.

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Smart Strategy to Ensure Viable Integration
at All Points

Our experienced team of experts will conduct a successful systems integration project to create strategies for integration of sub-systems. These consider all aspects including data, security, messaging and networks. We will proactively create them from point-to-point so they do not become potentially problematic in the medium term. This way you avoid long term operational problems and hiccups.

Marketing Trends
Comprehensive Manufacturing Resource Planning

We take care of the complete end-to-end solutions for you so you can focus on the big picture vision for your company’s growth. Right from assessing loopholes to integrating engineering design with scheduling systems and additional data like employee and financial needs, we integrate everything to offer you the best solution. The end goal is to minimize spending and maximize output and productivity.

planning and organizing
Decisive Operations Management Solutions for
Your Small Business

Our complete offering of operations management solutions ensures a top down approach to your small business helping you deliver a unified and consistent message. Our team of experts, advisors, CPAs and attorneys in Hampton Falls work with you to train your management. They will be taught communication techniques that lead to accountability and consistency across the board leaving no room for doubt.

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Workforce Development and Talent Management

We help you identify the right talent for your business and train them to meet the standards that your business requires. We keep your business goals in mind and help develop a talent team that will get you the results you are looking for.

Experts at The Small Business Advisory Group Help You Plan and Organize Your Small Business Through:

  • Organizational Design & Process Improvement
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning
  • Systems Integration & Training
  • Operations Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Workforce Development
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Reach out to us for a free consult from one of our highly-experienced advisors.

Our Transformational Process

Download the pdf to see how our unique transformation process can bring in results for your small business!