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Sales and Marketing - The Small Business Advisory Group
How Do I Sell Smarter and Faster?

How Can I Ensure a Good Return on My Marketing Investment?

As a small business owner, these questions are likely on your mind. You are tired of allocating huge sales and marketing budgets without seeing returns. You want to see RESULTS!

We get that. That is why our team of sales and marketing consultants in Hampton Falls give you practical solutions to the challenges you face. We work with you to get results. We help you effectively overcome sales and marketing challenges and give you the tools needed to unlock your potential. Our small business advisors walk with you to reach your goals and develop a system that works.

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Why Is My Business Not Making Money?

We help you identify opportunities and rectify weaknesses in your sales funnel to ensure consistently high sales performance.

How Do I Maximize ROI from My Marketing Efforts?

We guarantee a 2:1 return on your investment with us. We work out the perfect marketing mix of product, promotion, price, and place, which gives your business the greatest leverage.

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How Can My Team Develop Better Selling Skills?

Our team zooms in on the pain points of your sales execution tactics and guides your team in developing critical selling skills, which contribute to better selling and higher conversions.

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How Much Money Should I Allocate to My Marketing?

We help realign marketing resources effectively to minimize wasteful expenses and improve effectiveness of marketing efforts. We work with you to develop a marketing budget that focuses on the optimum allocation of resources.

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What Forms of Advertising Should I Use to Promote My Business?

We identify the right channels of advertisement through an in-depth research into your specific market. Power-packed campaigns are then designed to maximize your reach and impact.

What You Get from Our Sales and Marketing Consulting Solutions

The Small Business Advisory group works with small businesses from Southern Maine and New Hampshire to Northern Massachusetts. We work to exponentially improve your Sales and Marketing through:

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Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Services

Our complete offering of sales and marketing consulting for small business is custom-made to fit small businesses. We take care of the complete sales and marketing function for you so you can concentrate on your core business functions. When you entrust us with sales and marketing management, you bring to the table advisors who have years of experience in recruitment, training, strategizing and sales and marketing. You can be sure you will have a sales and marketing function that is a force to reckon with.

Continuous Analysis and Intervention

To achieve continuous revenue growth requires an intrinsic understanding of customer buying behavior, channel preferences and market trends. This is to be analyzed throughout the product’s life cycle for successful business development. Our team of experienced marketing consultants will see you through it and beyond.

Staying in step with Marketing Trends

Advertising and Marketing campaigns are rapidly evolving. From newspaper ads to the internet and social media, we get your business visible where it matters the most. We work with the savviest of marketing consultants in Hampton Falls, who help your business keep up and never lose its competitive edge.

Eliminating knee-jerk wasteful spending

We help you identify where your precious sales and marketing resources may be getting wasted. Once detected, we help you plug these holes and design actionable steps to allocate the right resources to where it really matters.

Custom Sales Training Program

Our sales training programs are tailor-made to suit your unique needs. Our advisors and trainers work personally with your sales managers and sales force to work on problem areas and bring in results. We focus on fine-tuning specific skills required for profitable sales, and develop a consistent sales framework in which your sales function can scale effectively as you grow.

Improving Marketing Planning

When your product is as good as it is, it is bound to bring in the dollars right? It may not be as easy as that and we get it. Our team of experts analyze what could work better with a redesign. If there is a glitch in your processes, organisational structure or marketing plan that needs change, we will ensure it is detected and remedied.

We care about your business because we have been there. We know what it takes to struggle with the anxieties of running a small business and we also know the joy of triumph. We are with you on your journey to success. You don’t have to wrestle your problems alone. Reach out to us and let’s grab a coffee and talk!
Our Transformational Process

Download the pdf to see how our unique transformation process can bring in results for your small business!